The SlothBot: A wire-traversing energy-efficient robot

  • The SlothBot was deployed in the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
  • Deployed for environmental monitoring purposes.
  • The SlothBot is self-sustaining through the use of solar panels.

AutoML: Automatic Data Augmentation with LSTM and Policy Optimization

  • Implemented a variant of Google’s AutoAugment which automates the process of data augmentation using Reinforcement Learning (PPO+LSTM).
  • Implemented a Bayesian Optimizer to compare the performance and time complexity between the two methods.
  • The paper detailing the work can be found here.

Boids’ Algorithm for Swarms

  • Applied Boids Algorithm on a group of up to 19 GRITSbots. Project was part of my undergraduate research at the GRITS lab.
  • Boids is a decentralized algorithm that imitates herding behavior. Each agent follows a set of simple rules: Separation, Alignment & Cohesion. Both Leader-Follower and Wind dynamics were implemented.
  • The projects’ videos can be found on my Youtube channel accessible through the left-hand sidebar.


  • Won the best Mechanical Engineering Project Award for creating a Compact Active Response Gravity Offload System (CARGOS).
  • System to be mounted on NASA’s ARGOS to improve their astronauts’ reduced-gravity training experience.
  • Implemented the GUI & the feedback loop using a PID controller.